Ceboard is a chess game edition software written from Windows Phone 8.0. It is the descendant of the well known CEBoard software for Windows Mobile but its user interface has been completely rewritten for Windows Phone. Current version implements the core functionalities of CEBoard but new features will be added regularly as Windows Phone applications can easily be updated.


  • 09/26/2013 Initial publication on Windows Phone Store
    This release implements a (almost ?) full pgn support with the possibility to save and load games from Skydrive.
  • 10/2013 Removal from the Store
    I had some bugs to fix, and while I was doing that, Microsoft merged Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. I will therefore "reboot" CEBoard : rename it (remove the 8 in the name which does not makes sense in the long run) and change my publication's account because I did not have the same on both stores.
    CEBoard should be available soon now.
  • 11/14/2023 CEBoard available again
    CEBoard with my "unified account" is available on Windows Phone Store.