Fidelity videos (by Alain Zanchetta)
Phantom replays a famous game
CC7 Level 1 is thinking
CC7 Level 2 sees it is going to be mated

Sargon 2.5 videos (by Alain Zanchetta)
Sargon awaits your move
Are you rated ?
Sargon gets mated
Is this a trap ?
Now the defense crumbles
Unleashing the attack
Ready to resign ?
Most unusual
Sargon finds a mate in two

Novag Robot Videos (by Steve Blincoe)
1. e4 e5 (alt)
2. Nf3 d6 (alt)
4... Bg4 5. dxe5 (alt)
5... Bxf3 (alt)
Robot indicates a playing level change from level 1 to level 2 (alt)
Robot indicates a misplaced piece : the white King has been removed from the board (alt)
Robot castles (alt)
Robot attempts to distract the player (alt)
Queen promotion (alt)
Robot searches hoplessly in vain for a way out (alt)
Robot faces mate on the next move (alt)

Fidelity Computers (by Steve Blincoe)
Sample of Prestige Voice
Another sample (no image)
Elite Private
Fidelity Travel Master 1
Fidelity Travel Master 2

Phoenix Resurrection Module (by Steve Blincoe)
Choice of engines
Normal options
Engine options
Res' reflexion

Excalibur Marble Mirage (by Steve Blincoe)
Changing Colors
Starting Over

Applied Concepts Boris Handroid, with the kind authorization of the owner, Rolf Bühler
No more Queen...

Novag Citrine (by Steve Blincoe)
F.A.P. aka Monolith

CXG Sphinx 50 (by Steve Blincoe)
Playing Styles